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We are based at Swaefas Swale, Swaffham's community orchard just off Orford Road Playing Field, and adjacent allotments at Tumbler Hill. There are around 150 young trees in the orchard, including 50 heritage apples, 50 cider apples and a mixture of pear, cherry and plum. The space is being managed to encourage and conserve local species and for people to enjoy, as well as for productivity. It is therefore being maintained in a traditional way, using scythes to cut the vegetation between the trees, creating habitats for insects, birds and mammals, and underplanting with wildflowers.


The allotment site has something for everyone, including 3 large polytunnels (great when it's raining!), an outdoor kitchen with a cob oven, chickens and beehives. There is lots more planned for the coming year too, and extra hands and minds are always welcome! We try to make the project accessible to all, so there are activities to suit most people... For example, sowing seeds and taking cuttings (which can be done sitting down), vegetable gardening, pruning, woodwork, and general maintenance.

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